The Plight of Wild Horses Featured on NBC

The Plight of Wild Horses Featured on NBC

Wild But Not Free: The Today Show Exposes the Cruelty of Wild Horse Roundups

NBC’s Today Show recently aired a segment titled “Wild But Not Free,” exposing the failure of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to effectively and humanely manage America’s wild horse and burro populations.

In the coverage, music legend Carole King speaks out on behalf of wild horses, as does a former BLM employee who managed wild horses for 30 years. A rancher who uses public lands is also interviewed and questions the value of horses stockpiled in BLM holding pens, saying “Let ‘em go to slaughterhouses.” Footage provided by IDA’s coalition partner, the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and other coalition members, captures the brutality of helicopter roundups conducted by the BLM. During these “gathers,” horses are stampeded and chased until they’re too exhausted to run, resulting in many injuries and deaths. Family bands are heartlessly torn apart, never to see each other again.

Watch NBC’s coverage here. We warn you that some of the footage is disturbing.

We hope you will join IDA in urging Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to take immediate and proactive action to reform the BLM program to humanely manage wild horses and burros, which is the desire of the American public. Click here to send a letter to Sec. Jewell and also Tweet @Secretary Jewell to let her know how important this issue is to you.