Tragic Tax-funded Execution

Tragic Tax-funded Execution

Tragic Tax-funded Execution of up to 500 Canada Geese in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, New York

Agents from USDA Wildlife Services (WS) arrived yesterday at the Jamaica Wildlife Refuge in New York to brutally round up entire families of helpless Canada geese.

Up to 500 panicked goslings and frantic geese parents were stuffed into crates and thrown onto USDA trucks which would then take them on the last trip of their lives–to a slaughterhouse or a gas chamber.

No animal deserves to be treated in such an inhumane and cruel way – these innocent birds, who are completely helpless during their molting season, are treated like criminals who have committed a heinous crime – But the real criminals are the government agents, working for a tax-funded agency that makes a profit from killing native, innocent wild animals.

Please speak out against this unjust brutality and contact the officials at the National Park Service, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and your Senators, and let them know how you feel about your tax dollars going to support the killing of defenseless wildlife– in a wildlife refuge!

National Park Services Deputy Superintendent Suzanne McCarthy: 917-731-1997
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge: 718-354 4602
Mayor Bloomberg: 212-788-3000
Senator Gillibrand: 212-688-6262
Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge face book page

Here are the videos and photos provided by our friend, David Karopkin, who leads GoosewatchNYC. Please share these far and wide—and thank you for speaking out!

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