Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary - PART I

Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary - PART I

We apologize for the no-news span – there was plenty going on here in Mississippi. A quick recap does little justice to the events of the past 6 weeks, but I’ll fill you in a bit and then get into this week’s news.

So much has happened. Horses Eric and Roscoe were adopted into a wonderful family with lots of animal smarts and compassion. Eric and his 3 companion horses were rescued from a Yalobusha County man who claimed to feed them well with his lawn trimmings. Eric’s companions were adopted soon after their recovery. Eric required a home with greater understanding for his mistrust of humans. Roscoe too was rescued from neglect and indifference, thin with overgrown hoofs and a dull, unhealthy coat.

Six of our emus were adopted by a wonderful man and his family who love to care for and watch over animals. Over the years this man has reported multiple cruelty cases to us and we’ve had the opportunity to know him and become acquainted with his care for his animals.

Theresa, the hoarder who we’ve seized animals from twice before, was back at it. The blessing was there were only 7 dogs with her this time. We seized 28 dogs from her previously in Yalobusha County. We’re confident that this will be our last dealings with Theresa as a hoarder.  Tallahatchie County Deputy Patrick Tribble, who aided us with this seizure, is well-respected and people in the area have vowed to inform him if Theresa gets even one more dog. He is The Man when it comes to animal issues. In December, we placed for adoption nine puppies he rescued and Maury, the Chihuahua.

An Enid, Mississippi family began feeding 6 dogs who wandered to their neighborhood. The dogs took up on the family’s porch furniture for warmth. Nervous neighbors talked of shooting the dogs, fearing posed a danger. We got a call and rescued them. Five were already transported for adoption and Sugar Bear will be heartworm treated next week. Gay and Larry Evaldi, our treasured friends who moved from here to Florida, have paid for her treatment. They fostered or adopted 4 of our dogs, and she aided with animal care and cruelty cases while he babysat and rushed to our aid when needed.

We were so busy during our blog absence that the summary seems trite, but I hit on some important things. Tune in tomorrow for details on our first adoption transport of the year.