URGENT: Help Elephants at the Barcelona Zoo in Spain!

URGENT: Help Elephants at the Barcelona Zoo in Spain!

City to determine elephants’ fate at Wednesday meeting…

On Wednesday, January 26th, the City of Barcelona will decide the fate of suffering African elephants Susi and Yoyo, who are held in a tiny exhibit at the Barcelona Zoo in Spain. The mayor and city lawmakers will consider whether to send the elephants to a larger facility in Europe and end the practice of displaying elephants at the zoo.

Action: Please send a message to Barcelona lawmakers. Susi and Yoyo should be sent to a larger facility where they can live with other elephants and where Susi can regain her health. Urge the city to take the progressive step of permanently ending the practice of displaying elephants at the Barcelona Zoo because it simply cannot provide the space and natural conditions that elephants need. Please include your country of origin so Barcelona lawmakers know that the world is watching!

Background: Susi’s health has been seriously deteriorating ever since the death of her pen-mate, Alicia, in 2008. She recently took a turn for the worse, reportedly suffering an intestinal disorder that caused her to temporarily stop eating. Yoyo was brought to the zoo in 2009 as a companion for Susi, though the two have remained in separate yards. Yoyo repetitively bobs her head up and down, a sign of psychological distress.

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