Who do pit bulls love to hate? Michael Vick

Who do pit bulls love to hate? Michael Vick

Michael Vick has been named the Eagles’ recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award, a distinction he received in a vote by his teammates.

We are shocked. Courage? Michael Vick? Does it take courage to force a dog to fight for his life in a gambling ring? I would say that is about as cowardice as it gets.

Michael Vick dispose of the dogs who were too gentle for fighting by such ghastly means as electrocution, hanging, and drowning. He served less than two years for actively participating in and bankrolling an interstate dogfighting ring. While Vick does have a right to seek employment, a position in the NFL potentially earning $7 million over the next two years is more than he deserves. We feel that this honor is far from earned for a violent convicted felon, who confessed to killing dogs who refused to fight because of their kind nature.

By employing Michael Vick, the NFL and the Eagles send the message that torturing animals is not a serious matter, and this award emphasizes that message. Impressionable young people see that the public admonishment of his crimes was followed by a multi-million dollar job and now a badge of courage. It will be interpreted as acceptance of his character and actions.

In fact, lets have a look at how Vick is influencing kids. Recently, an 18 year old boy said that he wanted to be the “next Michael Vick”. Did this young man play football? No, but he does have one thing in common with the Eagles quarterback, he is serving time in jail for operating a dog fighting ring!

IDA has asked the NFL to communicate a powerful message of disapproval for animal cruelty by prohibiting the Eagles and any other team from employing convicted animal abusers. We also ask the NFL to include animal fighting among the prohibited conduct listed in the league’s Personal Conduct Policy. The league must put principles before profit and help prevent players from getting involved in this cruel activity.

In Defense of Animals would like to award Michael Vick our distinguished

IDA Cowardice Award!

For spinelessly torturing animals and being the most terrible role model possible for youngsters. We have invited Mr. Vick to our award ceremony, but haven’t heard back yet if he will be joining us for the press conference.

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