Whole Foods Lies and Rabbits Die

Whole Foods Lies and Rabbits Die

Whole Foods Stubbornly Clings to Promoting Rabbits as Food

It’s not a happy anniversary for countless slaughtered rabbits, as we come up on the one year anniversary of Whole Foods pilot program offering rabbit flesh for human consumption. As more Americans eat less flesh, Whole Foods is actually actively trying to create a market for more various forms of animals to suffer for their meat cases — as in one of the top five animal companions: bunnies.

The fifth largest grocery chain in the nation began offering rabbits as food last summer in select markets claiming a so-called demand for these popular family pets. While Whole Foods asserts it has high standards for animal welfare, it’s falling short and leaving many shoppers and animal welfare organizations questioning its so called humane ethics.
According to an amazing NBC recent expose, (
the latest USDA findings are quite shocking. USDA inspection reports depicted rabbits in typical abhorrent factory farming conditions. Rabbits were reported “dead on arrival” or “dead in the yard.” In varying instances rabbits had no access to water. Rabbits as young as 8 to 10 weeks old died from stress or on the way to being slaughtered. Rabbit meat was also incorrectly “labeled as USDA inspected” when it was not, and the list goes on.

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