Keep Tormented Dog From Going Back to His Abuser

Keep Tormented Dog From Going Back to His Abuser

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

Harold Johnson's mouth dropped in disbelief as he looked at the skin-and-bones dog standing chained in front of him in the trash-filled yard of a home in Columbus, Georgia. The brown and white pit bull was tethered by an enormous chain, looking more than 30 pounds too thin. Veterinary care is being given to him, but his fate rests on a knife-edge. Don’t let this tormented dog be returned to his miserable existence!

Harold didn't know how to help other than to search Facebook for help. Luckily, he located an organization called Chain Free Dogs Columbus GA which had already made it illegal to chain dogs or leave them in disgusting conditions like the ones found in Columbus. The people there knew exactly who to contact and what to do.

As a result of their efforts, calls began pouring into Columbus Animal Control in response to the deplorable photo and story posted. The group also sent photos to Animal Control, and another group, Animal SOS, was already on the way. Thirty agonizing minutes were spent convincing his abusers to allow Animal SOS to help before Animal Control arrived. Officer Wright from Columbus Animal Care and Control decided to issue another citation instead of removing the poor dog, Camo, even though his conditions clearly violated the no-chaining city ordinance.

A special Animal SOS volunteer was able to convince the woman who answered the door, who is one of several people living at the residence who have been given citations, to hand over the dog, now known as Camo, to them for vet care. Donations immediately poured in for Camo. Fortunately, the vet was kind enough to write a letter to Animal Control stating that Camo shouldn't be returned back to that home. He was impounded, but still a lucky boy! He was able to stay at the vet for care due to the donations raised.

Even throughout his severe neglect, Camo has been a very charming boy, and deserving of a good life. Unfortunately, he won't know his fate until Judge Joyner decides for him on March 7th, so we ask you to help us give a happy ending to Camo's heartbreaking story.

His tormentors have received multiple citations since September, but it is uncertain if the Judge is going to allow him to go back to the cesspool he came from, or grant him freedom. Many are offering to adopt Camo, and he has a bright future ahead of him as long as the Judge allows that to happen.

What You Can Do

1) Report chained dogs to In Defense of Animals: HERE

2) Help Camo by sending our letter and sharing this alert widely. We don’t have a lot of time before the court date.