WATCH: We Didn’t Give Up on Finding Winston

WATCH: We Didn’t Give Up on Finding Winston

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of several trips to a residence in Winston County, Mississippi, to aid two chained dogs and eight puppies in desperate need of help. The case led to a search for a missing dog named Winston and the offer of a reward, but they’re all now safely in their forever homes, and their negligent guardian has been held accountable for the suffering he caused.


In February 2021, our  Justice for Animals Campaign Director, Doll Stanley, responded to a call from an animal advocate asking for help for dogs who were chained without shelter, including a male German shepherd and Louise, a female lab mix. Stanley went with Igloos and was able to get a cautiously reluctant Winston County Sheriff’s Department to send Deputy Dylan Alford to help.

Together they positioned the Igloos for optimal shelter, directed the dogs’ guardian to place a collar on a German shepherd who was attached to a chain without a collar and advised him and his adult son on caring for the dogs.

Unfortunately, the advocate who was keeping an eye on them called again to report they had become thin, and that Louise now had puppies who appeared to be in danger as their mother was chained and they were getting big enough to move around.

In June, Deputy Alford once again accompanied Stanley to the residence, where they found the dogs to be criminally neglected. The German shepherd was chained without a collar once again and had an infection along his neck where the chain had been slowly painfully cutting into him. The mother dog was extremely emaciated and trying to keep her puppies from nursing.

Despite clear evidence of their neglect, their indifferent guardian contended there was nothing wrong with the dogs. However, video documentation of the interaction between him and his dog clearly captures the German shepherd’s nervous licking, which is a sign of apprehension or shows the discomfort he experienced by having his injured neck rubbed.

Stanley and Deputy Alford offered the option of surrendering the dogs and advised that a seizure order would be obtained if they weren’t, but their uncaring guardian said he would rather “go to jail” than give them up.

The seizure order was obtained and Louise and her puppies were safely removed and were transported by the Louisville Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, when they returned to pick up all the dogs, the German shepherd had been removed from the property.

All areas of the property were searched and he was not found. We responded with a $500 reward for information about him. Days went by, but a tip finally came in. With a second seizure order in hand, Stanley went to the location with Deputies Joel Triplett and Cliff Moore, rescued him, and named him Winston on the spot in honor of the officers who aided him.

He was quickly taken to the Veterinary Associates of Grenada for help. Although his neck had started to heal he was still thin and needed treatment.

Homes were found for all of the puppies, and Stanley fostered Louise and Winston until their perfect adopters were found too.

Winston with his new family.


In the end, Stanley filed criminal affidavits against Montgomery and in August he was found guilty of animal cruelty, ordered not to have animals, and handed a $500 fine and six-month incarceration with all but two weeks suspended. However, it will all be served if Montgomery violates his two-year probation.

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