Carnivores Anonymous Spreads its Wings!

Carnivores Anonymous Spreads its Wings!

If you want to help animals and get healthy at the same time, our groundbreaking support program is for you! We are helping people like you to kick animal product addiction to the curb. Discover our new Carnivores Anonymous groups popping up across the country!


With the help of dedicated volunteers, new monthly meetings of Carnivores Anonymous are starting all the time. These new chapters provide a free, psychiatrist-developed support system that takes aspiring vegans and vegetarians on a journey to explore their own values, obstacles, and possibilities on the road to a plant-based lifestyle.

In addition to existing meetings in Los Angeles and Berkeley, we are adding new California chapters in Chico and San Luis Obispo. We are also excited to be soon expanding into New Mexico and New York!

Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with new chapter announcements. To bring Carnivores Anonymous to your community, please contact

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