Beluga Dead and Charges Dropped Against Marineland

Beluga Dead and Charges Dropped Against Marineland

Marineland in Canada, undoubtedly one of the worst tanks for dolphins and whales in North America, has shockingly been cleared of all animal abuse charges – which is all the more surprising since this news nearly coincided with the death of yet another whale at its facility.

Gia, a “beloved” young beluga whale, died suddenly due to a fatal blockage in her intestine. Sadly, her mother reportedly stopped nursing her shortly after her birth – something that could be a testament to the impoverished living conditions for the nearly fifty belugas currently living in misery at the facility.

News of Gia’s tragic death came only a few short days after a baffling announcement that Marineland has been cleared of all 11 counts of cruelty lobbied at them after an investigation by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The facility was charged with cruelty against peacocks, guinea hens, black bears, elk, red deer and fallow deer.

As In Defense of Animals reported in our 10 Worst Tanks List, which featured Marineland in the number 2 spot, the company holds an orca in solitary confinement, kept one of her children in a storage tank until he died at the age of 4, and continues to cause great suffering for belugas who are reportedly suffering from a whole litany of ailments and displaying stereotypic behavior.

In Defense of Animals is disheartened by both Gia’s death and the dropping of charges against this terrible facility. We urge local authorities to do what is right for all the animals at Marineland and shut this place down, and send everyone to sanctuaries and retirement facilities.



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