Dolphin Saved After Asking Humans For Help

Dolphin Saved After Asking Humans For Help

You often hear of dolphins rescuing humans from nearby predators or preventing them from drowning. However, when the situation is flipped, and it's humans doing the rescuing, it’s just as inspiring and indicative of who dolphins really are.

Beachgoers at the beach in El Buzo, Spain had such an opportunity recently. While sunning themselves, they watched as a dolphin approached in the distance, and were then amazed when she began swimming very close to shore. After realizing that she had fishing line tangled around her rostrum (mouth), people sprung into action. She lay on the sand as people surrounded her, calmly accepting the help she seemed to have sought out. After a few tries, the people managed to loosen the line and remove it.

She was then floated back out to sea, where she lingered for a few moments. Some thought that she was expressing her gratitude. When she finally departed, she headed towards two of her podmates who were waiting in deeper water for her. Perhaps they were the ones who convinced her to go ask those humans just lazing about on the beach for help!

Inés Oliva Pérez captured the encounter on film, saying that "It was super emotional…I still get goosebumps when I think about it."

This isn’t the first time a dolphin has asked people for help. A dolphin once approached divers and asked for help removing a fishing hook from his pectoral fin. In both situations, it’s worth noting that dolphins approached humans for help, perhaps because they know humans, with our opposable thumbs, will be able to perform the precise, careful work required. It’s likely they also know that fishing hooks and line come from humans, so it's only natural that we would know how best to help.

Watch the entire rescue effort here. 

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