Great News: No New Dolphinarium in Alabama!

Great News: No New Dolphinarium in Alabama!

Plans for a new captive dolphin facility were reportedly in the works in Orange Beach, Alabama. However, news has surfaced that these plans may well be dead in the water, making Orange Beach a true leader in cetacean wellbeing! 

Last year, we asked you, our supporters, to call and email the Orange Beach City Council to urge decision makers not to include dolphins in their plans for the Bama Bayou Project, and we sent information packages to each of the councilors outlining the harm captivity causes cetaceans.

Rachel Carbary, Director of Empty the Tanks, met with Orange Beach city councilors to deliver a presentation and to engage in a constructive, educational conversation. Carbary recently announced she’d heard from the councilors: the project is not moving forward with captive dolphins and is opting for an animal-free waterpark instead!

“They were very concerned to learn about dolphin captivity and the negativity it would bring to their town that they have worked so hard to create an image for,” said Carbary of her conversation with Orange Beach officials. “I think we are all happy that now the plan is gone and in its place is a fun waterpark - free of animals!”

A primary reason for this decision is most likely financial–a lack of investment reportedly stalled the project. The fact that no one wanted to invest in dolphin captivity is a positive sign of Americans moving away from the cruel cetacean entertainment industry.

Despite this great news in Alabama, the controversial Mississippi Aquarium continues to move ahead with plans for a new aquarium that includes dolphins. The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, headed by Moby Solangi, is yet another facility on the Gulf Coast where exploited dolphins are forced to perform degrading tricks. Please consider making a donation to support our vital work for in defense of dolphins:

Hopefully, more cities will learn from the situation of Orange Beach and will reject this cruel form of entertainment before new projects even break ground. 

Thank you, Orange Beach!

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