Mexico City Bans Dolphin Captivity!

Mexico City Bans Dolphin Captivity!

 In another huge victory for cetaceans, Mexico City announced a bill that will effectively ban dolphin and whale captivity within the city!

The bill, passed by the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City on August 1, outlaws cetacean performances, their training, and their use in research or therapy. Currently, Mexico City has one facility within its jurisdiction – the notorious Six Flags Mexico, which imprisoned the orca Keiko in horrible conditions before animal organizations rescued him to live out his last days in the wild. Now, the two bottlenose dolphins and one sea lion who remain at the facility could be sent to sanctuaries for retirement.

Six Flags Mexico garnered the number 6 spot on In Defense of Animal’s Ten Worst Tanks list. The facility’s ranking was cited by Environment Commission President Xavier López Adame as he gave justification for the bill.

In Defense of Animals applauds Dr. Yolanda Alaniz, of Comarino Mexico, for working with Adame to get this bill passed.

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