World’s Loneliest Orca Screams for Freedom

World’s Loneliest Orca Screams for Freedom

Miami Seaquarium forces Lolita to perform tricks and cry out loudly for the audience during its circus-style show. The sound of her anguished scream is heartbreaking to many, and a new study confirms that we are recognizing what Lolita is really communicating. Her cry expresses the heart-rending emotions of pain, suffering and loss. Listen to Lolita’s anguished cry now, then sign our alert to set her free.

Lolita is known to many as the world’s loneliest orca. This 51 year-old female lives in America’s smallest orca tank, and must share this cramped space with dolphins. At 4 years old, she was violently taken from her family from Penn Cove, Washington State, and installed as Miami Seaquarium’s star performer. Every day, she is forced to perform jumps and tricks, including using her voice to entertain the crowd.

Many people would agree that the sounds emanating from Lolita’s mouth do not sound like those of a happy, well-adjusted individual. And it turns out, the sounds of pain we hear are likely what she’s feeling. Scientists now believe that there might be a “universal code” for vocal expression and perception of emotions in the animal kingdom. This means that we humans are able to assess the emotional value within the “vocal signals” – the voices – of other species.

Marina Chavez, who recorded the performance in June, noted that, “the audience clapped along to her pirouettes and splashes. But when she was instructed to ‘sing,’ no one could deny the pain in her voice. She was yelling for help in the only way she knew how.”

Chavez also pointed out that Seaquarium trainers continue to misinform the audience telling it that Lolita cannot be released to a sanctuary. This is totally false – a seaside sanctuary is the best place for Lolita, considering that the location of her family is known.

Do not let Lolita cry out in vain. We hear her and pledge to do everything in our power to set Lolita free!


1) Call Carolina Perrina, Public Relations Manager: (305) 365-2525

If she does not answer, leave your message in her inbox. If she answers: ask to leave a message for CEO Andrew Hertz. DO NOT tell her why you are calling, because she will not put you through to him. You will instead get an automated message telling you why they refuse to release Lolita.

2) Send our letter by filling out the form on the right.






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