Will Vancouver Aquarium Abide by Captivity Ban?

Will Vancouver Aquarium Abide by Captivity Ban?

In January of this year, we shared the incredible news that the Vancouver Aquarium agreed to end its captivity of dolphins and whales, thanks in large part to your efforts! Despite this decision, the issue remains somewhat unresolved.

The announcement came after the Vancouver Park Board passed a bylaw that effectively banned captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. However, in February, a judge ruled that the Park Board’s ban did not apply to the Aquarium, leaving the door open for the Aquarium i to reverse its decision to eliminate captive animals from its facility.

In March, the Park Board filed a suit appealing the judge’s ruling, arguing that it challenged the Board’s authority and ability to fulfill its mission to provide, preserve and advocate for parks and recreation services to benefit all people, communities and the environment.

It remains to be seen whether the Aquarium will continue to abide by this bylaw since it isn’t legally obligated at this point to do so. Two beluga whales, a mother and daughter, died in recent years at the Vancouver Aquarium, leaving a Pacific white-sided dolphin named Helen to roam the sterile tanks alone. This is yet another heartbreaking example of why we so desperately hope the appeal by the Park Board is successful.

We need your help to make sure no more cetaceans suffer these terrible captive fates in Canada again. If you haven’t already done so, please sign our alert asking Canadian senators to pass a bill to officially outlaw cetacean captivity throughout the nation.

Click here to support our ongoing efforts on behalf of cetaceans everywhere.

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