Defend Tortured Cats

Defend Tortured Cats

A little grey kitten tortured in an illegal steel-jaw leg hold trap in California. A family cat burned and cut up by a 12-year-old boy in Iowa. A beautiful orange tabby cat brutally beaten, stabbed, and thrown in the trash by an angry, drunk boyfriend. A helpless kitten tortured to death with a knife and plastic bag by two teen girls in Texas. These cases are too sickening for words…

For over thirty years In Defense of Animals has been a dedicated defender of all animals. Through our established Community Cats project, we specially advocate for our feline friends and work tirelessly on their behalf.

Maybe you've signed one of our recent alerts seeking swift criminal justice for animal abusers in some of the most outrageous and egregious cases. Or maybe you have signed a recent petition asking your state and local leaders to take action on humane legislation. Our Community Cats project helps to provide you with critical information and actionable alerts, and we get results!

With the support of people like you, our committed friends, we successfully pressured Texas prosecutors to fully charge Robert McCabe with felony animal cruelty for the murder of his girlfriend's innocent feline companions. And in Florida, you helped us to ensure justice would be served for Sarah Wilson who moved out of her apartment and cruelly left behind her cat and two dogs to die of thirst and starvation.

Both cases are now working their way through the courts and we will continue to follow up on them. Rest assured; we will let you know when justice has been served! Our supporters, supporters just like YOU, are the strength and spirit of In Defense of Animals. Your voice matters and makes a real difference for the animals who need your help today!

Not only does In Defense of Animals stand up for cats in the courtroom, but we are taking actions on their behalf all over the country and beyond! Thanks to tremendous support from donors like yourself we are able to award grants to small local 'boots on the ground' feline rescue organizations facing crisis after hoarding crisis.

Your donations meant the difference between life and death for over 100 cats in one of the most horrible hoarding situations we have ever seen. You were right by our side as each and every precious life was saved.

Cats are such intelligent and unique animals, and their presence in our lives is a love-filled mystery to us all; which is why we are appalled at the unnecessary cruelty inflicted upon them with barbaric 'de-clawing' surgeries. Once again YOU can claim victory as we celebrate Denver, CO passing groundbreaking anti-declawing legislation. Your actions matter! Your voice matters!

Did you know that In Defense of Animals is also leading the way with our tireless work to support 'Trap-Neuter-Return' or TNR programs? TNR programs are humane alternatives to the senseless killing of perfectly healthy cats who live freely in our communities but are often demonized. We are challenging the outdated "feral cat" paradigm and providing a roadmap for the humane stewardship of community cat colonies. Donations from supporters provide essential spay and neuter services to protect community cats from deadly human ignorance and intolerance.

We are thrilled to have you with us. Together we will be a powerful force for innocent cats suffering in the forgotten corners of life and society. In Defense of Animals fights for all cats; harnessing the might of our supporters to bring abusers to justice and to pressure legislators to pass humane laws.

Please consider making a generous donation today to our Community Cats project! Your gift of $50 or more will fund our critical direct actions in defense of cats!

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