Ensure Killer of Beloved Community Cat Faces Felony Charge!

Ensure Killer of Beloved Community Cat Faces Felony Charge!

In the early morning hours of October 4, a dark sedan pulled up outside of Zeus' Place, an animal rescue located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sitting on the curb out front were two community cats. The sedan slowed to a stop and the driver raised what appeared to be a rifle and shot at the closest one, killing Blackie, a beloved community cat cared for by Zeus’ Place employees. The killer has been found and charged. For the sake of Blackie and animals who are mercilessly persecuted, we must ensure justice is served!

The whole incident was captured on surveillance video and suspect Kyre West was arrested later that same morning following a tip made to local police. Once in custody, West admitted shooting Blackie.

New Orleans District Attorney’s Office is doing the right thing and charging West with felony animal cruelty. We need to make sure that felony charge sticks.

What YOU Can Do

Please contact the District Attorney’s Office to thank them for taking this case seriously and also encourage them to not accept a plea deal which might reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor. Cats like Blackie are some of the most vulnerable animals in society and crimes committed against community cats must be taken seriously and punished appropriately in order to send the message that community cats’ lives matter and that if you seek to harm them, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

1) Please call Erin Murphy, New Orleans District Attorney’s Office assistant, and ask her to relay the message to Assistant District Attorney Alicia Bennett that you thank her for her work on this case and that you would like her to vigorously pursue the felony animal cruelty charge.

(504) 822-2414

2) Submit our alert, by filling out the form on the righ-hand side of this page, which will send an email in your name.

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