Help Protect Denver’s Cats from Cruel Declawing

Help Protect Denver’s Cats from Cruel Declawing

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Please sign our other alerts.

This past Monday, the Denver City Council unanimously voted in favor of a declaw ban. On this upcoming Monday, November 13, they will vote again to make the ban become law. Please add your voice in support of the ban by contacting the Denver City Council members.

Declawing cats involves the surgical removal of each of the cat’s toes back to the first knuckle. The surgery is one of the most painful routinely performed surgeries in all of veterinary medicine. It’s also one of the most unnecessary.

The procedure is often used to try and stop a cat’s natural behavior, like scratching of furniture, but almost always leads to more behavioral problems, like litter box avoidance and biting. These behaviors often leave declawed cats dumped at shelters where many are killed because they are deemed unadoptable.

Declawed cats also face a host of health issues after declawing, including chronic pain in the paws, joint stiffness, and arthritis. This pain can also manifest itself in behavioral problems as well.

We must protect cats from this unnecessary and painful cruelty!

What You Can Do

Please show up, call and email the Denver City Council members asking them to protect cats by supporting the declawing ban.

1) Attend the City Council meeting this Monday, November 13, at 5:30 pm.


Council Chambers,
City and County Building
1437 Bannock St., Rm. 451
Denver, CO 80202

2) Make as many calls as you can. You may leave messages over the weekend, or have your calls answered in person on Monday.

When you call, you can simply say, "Declawing is a horrendously torturous and barbaric procedure and should be abolished immediately! Please support Denver’s proposed declawing ban.”

Rafael Espinoza
Council District 1
(720) 337-7701

Kevin Flynn
Councilman District 2
Phone: (720) 337-2222

Paul D. López
Councilman District 3
Phone: (720) 337-3333

Kendra Black
Councilwoman District 4
Phone: (720)337-4444

Mary Beth Susman
Councilwoman District 5
Phone: (720)337-5555

Paul Kashmann
Councilman District 6
Phone: (720) 337-6666

Jolon Clark
Councilman District 7
(720) 337-7777

Christopher Herndon
Councilman District 8
Phone: (720) 337-8888

Albus Brooks
Councilman District 9
Phone: (720) 337-7709

Wayne New
Councilman District 10
Phone: (720) 337-7710

Stacie Gilmore
Councilwoman District 11
Phone: 720-337-7711

Robin Kniech
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7712

Deborah "Debbie" Ortega
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7713

3) Submit our letter, by completing the form the on the right-hand side of this page, supporting the Denver declawing ban. A Valid Colorado address is required to complete the form. Thank you!

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