Save Cats from Costco’s Starvation Plan!

Save Cats from Costco’s Starvation Plan!

In February 2009, there were upwards of 80 cats living around the Costco in Kahului, Hawaii, on the island of Maui. A kind-hearted animal activist stepped in and offered to humanely trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate, return the cats, and continue feeding and monitoring them. Costco agreed. Costco has since started starving the cats. We must stop this!

There are now just 15 cats living around the Maui Costco thanks to the success of trap-neuter-release. All the remaining cats are spayed/neutered and were being cared for by Costco employees until late October, when Costco's corporate office ordered a feeding ban and threatened to fire employees who fed the cats. Costco employees are in a horrible position. They're being forced to choose between their jobs and the cats they love. Worst of all, cats who are dependent on daily feedings are being left to starve.

Costco has community cat colonies located at many of its stores around the US. The company has even promoted trap-neuter-return programs, like the very successful one it is so cruelly trying to end at its Maui store. This pro-cat article appeared in the Costco Connection magazine in 2013.

The community cats of Costco Maui are now in danger of starving to death. Hundreds of other community cats living in managed community cat colonies at Costco stores around the US could be next to have their lifelines severed. The cats are in urgent need of food. Act now to save the Costco cats!

What YOU Can Do

Please call and email Costco decision makers asking them to protect community cats at their stores and reinstate feeding at the Kahului location!

1) Make a few calls:

Craig Jelinek, President of Costco 425-313-8100
James Sinegal, Co-Founder & Former CEO 425-313-8100
Caton Frates, Senior VP & GM of Los Angeles Region 714-741-7795
Debra Sarter, Regional Manager 714-534-7080
Tony Facemire, Maui Store Manager 808-877-5248

Update for clarification when making calls:

The cats at the Maui Costco have historically been fed behind the store on the Costco lot, until about a year ago when the store manager, Tony Facemire, sent out a directive ordering employees to no longer feed the cats on Costco property. At that time, it wasn't that big of a problem, and the feeding station was simply moved to the adjacent property where folks kept feeding the cats.

Then, the neighboring landowner complained about the cats being fed on their vacant lot, so Costco erected a fence, making it very difficult to impossible to feed the cats, who are completely dependent on daily feedings. The simple, humane solution is for Costco to just allow the feeding station back on Costco property, as Costco has a pro-cat corporate policy. It's an easy fix, and what was already being done at Costco for seven years before the program was abruptly ended late last year.

Claims that cats "might get run over" are simply excuses, as there are corner areas of the lot where the cats can safely converge at dusk. A cat at that location has never been hit by a car that the feeders are aware of, so this is simple misdirection. Don't let Tony tell you otherwise!

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