Simple Tips to Keep Animals Safe This Halloween!

Simple Tips to Keep Animals Safe This Halloween!

Holidays in the United States are often fraught with dangers for both animal companions and wild animals alike. Halloween is no exception. Here are a few simple things to watch out for to help keep animals safe this Halloween:


Xylitol is a natural sugar alternative that has grown in popularity over the last few years. Many candies, gums, and even some brands of peanut butter contain this plant-derived alternative to sugar. Xylitol is incredibly toxic to dogs, even more so than chocolate or raisins. Keep candy away from dogs and make sure the peanut butter brand you purchase leaves out xylitol. Chocolate can also be lethal for cats, so keep that in mind if you have kitties in the house.

If you think your animal companions have ingested a substance that may be poisonous to them, seek help immediately. You can find out more information or speak to an expert at the Pet Poison Helpline, which can be found at


There are several images floating around the internet showing bats and even owls stuck in fake spider web decorations. These synthetic webs, along with strings, ropes, and netting, can entangle, injure, or even kill wildlife and animal companions. It is best to avoid these decorations altogether.

Candles and open flames are dangerous in a number of ways, but when animals are added to the equation, especially cats, they become even more hazardous. Open flames can set animal hair on fire, potentially causing an animal severe injury or worse, setting the entire dwelling on fire. If you have animals in your home, please don't leave open flames unattended.

Also, pay careful attention when leaving out small decorations, like plastic spiders, which could easily become a choking hazard to a dog or cat.

Beware of Door Dashers

With all the activity at the front door when trick-or-treaters show up, it is probably best to keep dogs and cats in a closed room away from that part of the home. Do not leave animals outside on Halloween; all of the activity could disorient and stress them to the point of running away from home.

Follow these simple steps to create a safe and happy Halloween for all! Trick-or-Treat!

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