Stop the Yearly Yellowstone Bison Massacre!

Stop the Yearly Yellowstone Bison Massacre!

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

Yellowstone National Park and the state of Montana are moving forward with their diabolical plan to brutally kill 900 bison in order to cater to the private ranching industry. Please act now to stop the senseless killing of iconic Yellowstone bison!

Yellowstone bison are doing what they've done for millennia: migrating across what is now Yellowstone National Park into Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming in search of food and a place to bear their young. Under federal law, hunting and the discharge of firearms are prohibited in the park. However, once these hungry animals leave the safety of the park boundary, they are mercilessly shot by hunters, or hazed and rounded up to be taken to their bloody, violent ends at slaughterhouses.

Tragically, the hazing and killing of Yellowstone bison have already begun. According to our friends at the Buffalo Field Campaign in their dispatch from late February, forty bison, including an entire family of fifteen, have been gunned down by hunters. Several other bison were seriously wounded after being shot and ran back into the protected area of the park, but were later euthanized to end their suffering.

This senseless killing is a short-sighted, violent attempt by state and federal agencies to allegedly protect private ranchers' cattle — who are also exploited — from getting a bacterial disease called brucellosis. Brucellosis was introduced into the wild bison population by ranchers sometime before 1917. The reproductive organs of animals who contract the disease experience failed pregnancies, abortions, or the birth of weak offspring. There is a vaccine for cattle that is 70-80% effective; however, bison appear to have developed a natural immune response to brucellosis and typically do not suffer from the disease.

The government wants to kill bison to protect ranching interests from a disease ranchers introduced to bison in the first place. This program to kill these magnificent creatures sums up the absurdity of America's wildlife management efforts in a nutshell.

Never forget that cattle ranchers always want every animal who eats grass or preys on cattle or sheep removed or killed for daring to compete with their welfare ranching profits.

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This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

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