194 and Counting! Please help us rescue more dogs and puppies from meat-farms today.

194 and Counting! Please help us rescue more dogs and puppies from meat-farms today.

If these mischief-makers could say two things to you, the first would be, “Thank you for saving me.”  And the second would be, “Please. Please give to save more of our brothers and sisters who are suffering and dying in South Korea’s dog meat slaughterhouses.”

Rescued from the back of the slaughter truck literally on its way to a gruesomedog meat market, these three dogs are alive today because someone like you cared. Now they are headed to new lives - better lives.

When we launched the South Korean Dog Rescue and Adoption Project with our partner on the ground there, Jindo Love, the goal was to save 200 dogs in 2018.

Amazingly, we will surpass 200 rescues by the end of May.

Please, will you donate whatever amount feels generous to you right now, so that we can save 201… 202… 203…?

More than 60 of the dogs we rescued this year who were used as breeders had a heartbreaking condition called Pyometra, or pus-filled uterus, from birthing the endless litters of pups who would soon be slaughtered for the dinner table.

Many had missing or rotten teeth from malnutrition and nonstop estrogen shots. Virtually no dog waspotty trained. In one rescue, fiveof the dogs were too weak to survive more than a few days.Each rescue takes so much effort and heartbreak.

It is so tragic, but this is a chance to make an extraordinary and direct difference to the lives of the animals we so dearly love.

No dog should be left to the agony and sorrow of South Korea’s dog meat markets. Please help us rescue these dogs and puppies today.

Please - will you donate what you can now, and help us give every dog a chance?

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