We're Rescuing 200 Dogs from Slaughter!

We're Rescuing 200 Dogs from Slaughter!

We are so excited to share this inspiring and breaking news story with you! Just weeks ago, In Defense of Animals and the South Korean group Jindo Love formalized a historic joint project to rescue hundreds of dogs and puppies throughout 2018 - dogs who would otherwise be brutally butchered in the Asian dog meat trade.

The goal for this year is to free two hundred of these beautiful, suffering lives from the filth, fear, and gore of the dog meat slaughterhouses. We aren’t stopping with “just” rescue. These innocent lives deserve so much more.

Our new Dog Rescue and Adoption Project will go beyond just freeing these dogs from the slaughterhouses, but will include veterinary care, vaccinations, caring foster homes, and meticulous adoption screening, plus transport to and placement with new forever homes in the U.S. and Canada!

Before this project was even formalized, it was necessary to act quickly and to start saving some dogs right away because their situations were so desperate and horrifying; dogs like the poor black and white mom and her six young pups who were marked for slaughter, others we found unloved and awaiting cruel slaughter in cobweb-filled cages, all longing for a different life. Each of these dogs was saved through our new Dog Rescue and Adoption Project, and each will get his or her own chance at a loving forever home.

The cost of one full rescue and adoption journey for just one small lucky puppy can cost up to $2,000. For big dogs, who are much harder to place and suffer badly in a butcher’s hands, it’s even more.

The remarkably effective Jindo Love will be our boots on the ground in South Korea. And, aided by your support, we will fund a substantial portion of their work for 2018.

There is so much pain and sadness in the dog meat trade. But together, we’ll make many happy futures happen for these sad victims.

I hope you will be part of this historic new project for Korea’s dogs.

Dogs of the Asian meat trade face short lives of full sorrow and sadness – right up to the day they are dragged by their necks to slaughter. It just shouldn’t be! Please be part of our new South Korean Dog Rescue and Adoption Project with your generous donation now. Until the day comes when we shut down the dog meat trade for good, saving every life possible is the least we can do.