Meet Some of the Newest Rescues from the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea!

Meet Some of the Newest Rescues from the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea!

Kill shelters in South Korea are tragically a source for the dog meat trade, but now five more precious puppies who were slated to die are safe at our partner Jindo Love Rescue’s foster center and will get the second chance they deserve to experience life as beloved family members.

On August 26, 2023, Brave, Lilly (pictured above), and Yoshi were scheduled to be killed, but we knew we couldn’t let that happen to these sweet dogs. They’re all safe now, and we love watching their personalities come out in the safety of our foster center. 

Lilly’s family could no longer care for her through no fault of their own, so she had been loved, but also sadly abandoned. She absolutely loves people and seeks attention and affection, but isn’t super interested in socializing with other dogs. She’d do best as an only dog and would love to go everywhere with her new people.

We’re not sure what Yoshi’s backstory is, but we do know he loves people, like really loves people, and has an amazing little smile. He loves walks and adventures, but also doesn’t love other dogs, and would do best as an only dog.

As for our handsome little Brave, he’s already been adopted! 

Thanks to our supporters, we worked out the logistics and were able to pull them out just in the nick of time, but when we went to get them, we saw two more puppies who were about a month old in the corner of a crate who had also been left to die.

We could tell they were very sick and no one wanted them, so we asked our vet if there was room to treat them, and they said yes. We were so thrilled! It was determined that they unfortunately had parvo and infectious dermatitis, adding to unexpected costs, but we’re determined to give them the best chance we can.

We named them Dolly and Hammy, and are doing everything we can to help them recover and see them get forever homes of their own.

We weren’t expecting to take in that many dogs, but we’re grateful to be back to saving lives thanks to the generosity of our supporters who helped us rebuild after a devastating fire.

You can help these dogs on their way to their new lives and support more rescues like these by making a donation, spreading the word about our ongoing need for flight volunteers to courier dogs to new homes, and by adopting — you can find many available dogs on Jindo Love Rescue’s Facebook page.

You can also help support our effort to see the dog meat trade ended by signing and sharing our alert urging South Korea to pass recently introduced legislation that would ban it once and for all.