COVID-19 EMERGENCY: Help Get Stranded Dog Meat Survivors Home!

COVID-19 EMERGENCY: Help Get Stranded Dog Meat Survivors Home!

We have an urgent request that we sincerely hope you’ll consider.

Public health concerns over the spread of COVID-19 have seriously impacted our efforts to bring dog meat trade survivors, who have already endured so much, to loving homes in the United States and Canada. Canceled flights, decreased travel, and restricted borders have left them stuck in South Korea, and the costs are adding up. To make things worse, every day that these dogs are delayed, other dogs are falling victim to the despicable meat trade.

8 dogs are waiting to fly to their new homes…
but they are stranded by the flight blackout!

Donate just $5 today – or whatever amount you can comfortably part with – to bring these precious lives HOME!

In the words of our South Korean rescue partners at Jindo Love Rescue:

"Coronavirus is having a massive effect on our dog meat rescue operations—it has been a nightmare for us and the dogs. Loving forever homes are waiting for 8 dogs in the U.S., but we simply can't get them there. So many flights have been canceled and many are too scared to fly. We are desperately appealing for anyone who is planning on flying directly to the U.S. from South Korea to become a flight volunteer and offer a ticket to freedom to a dog meat survivor." 

– Patti Kim

It can cost as much as $150 a week to house, feed, and care for a dog meat survivor. Right now there are 8 precious lives who need your immediate help! We must get these dogs HOME! Expenses are adding up day by day and time is of the essence.

Your donation today of just $5 will help us to bring new families together and arrange emergency travel to the United States for 8 Dog Meat Survivors like Eve!

There are 8 loving families awaiting the homecoming of their newest members, who are just a plane ride away from their new lives. In these very uncertain times, our furry four-legged companions are a great source of love, companionship, and comfort. Help us to bring these families together as soon as possible!

Thank you so very much for your love and support for In Defense of Animals and our dog meat rescue project. Your donation is changing history.