Dynamic Duo Rescued From Dog Meat Trade Looking for Forever Home Together

Dynamic Duo Rescued From Dog Meat Trade Looking for Forever Home Together

Cubby and Dion may not have had the best start to life, but not only have they found safety and love with Jindo Love Rescue, our rescue partner in South Korea, they found each other too. Since meeting, these two have become inseparable friends who are now hoping to find a forever home together.

Cubby was just a little pup when he was rescued from under a car in 2019. He had a pretty severe skin condition that we treated, and while he still has some scarring on his nose, he’s grown into quite a handsome young dog who is just full of joy. He’s shy at first, but he’s sweet and friendly, and loves other dogs — and he especially loves Dion.

Dion was rescued from kill shelter last summer, and was also extremely shy at first, but once he’s comfortable, he’s a little snuggler, and we found out pretty quickly he’s food motivated and really loves treats. We’re so happy that Cubby quickly took him under his wing, and helped him adjust and gain confidence. Now, this dynamic duo has become inseparable.

They both absolutely love each other’s company, love taking walks together and always, always want to be next to each other, and barely leave each other’s side.

We just can’t stand the thought of separating them, and hope to find them a home where they’ll have time to settle in and get to live the rest of their lives together because they deserve all the love in the world.

It’s what we hope that all of the dogs whom we rescue from the dog meat trade with our partner Jindo Love Rescue get to experience, and with supporters like you, so many have been adopted by loving guardians in North America, where they’ve gotten a second chance at life.  

You can help Cubby and Dion find their happily ever after by sharing their story on social media, and you can support our efforts to save more lives like theirs by making a donation, becoming a flight volunteer, or adopting.