WATCH: Mulan Lost Her Paws But Can Still Touch Your Heart

WATCH: Mulan Lost Her Paws But Can Still Touch Your Heart

While the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is famous for dog and cat meat cruelty, victims of wanton animal cruelty elsewhere in the country are rarely seen. Thanks to Chinese rescuers, we bring you the story of Mulan — a sweet-hearted survivor of extreme cruelty. Her story inspires us to do everything in our power to help all dog and cat victims of cruelty in China and beyond.

Mulan’s rescue story began on a harrowing note. In March, a man sent a message to WOW Rescue Society. He had found a little dog with her two front paws horrifically chopped off. 

Fita, a rescuer famous for rescuing over 700 abandoned dogs and cats during the pandemic, rushed to Mulan's side. She immediately took Mulan for emergency veterinary care, saving her life through crucial surgeries.

The days following her rescue were critical. Mulan endured intense pain and trauma, but began her journey of recovery under Fita's loving care.

Despite her ordeal, Mulan has shown incredible resilience. She is clearly used to being cared for and sits patiently for bathing and even a haircut. While she is understandably scared of strangers, she can still learn to trust. For anyone who can show her a little patience and a lot of love, Mulan will be a treasured angel. If you have experience helping dogs overcome trauma, we especially encourage you to come forward.

Like her brave namesake, Mulan has endured great hardships and now an epic journey… to a foster carer in San Francisco. That is where she waits hopefully for the right person. Could it be you?

It is said that after her battles, the legendary fictional Chinese folk hero Mulan asked only to go home and be with her family. That is what we now wish for dear Mulan. She is ready to find her happily ever after in a forever home where she can continue to heal and thrive.

What YOU Can Do

  • Adopt Mulan: Open your heart and home to Mulan. Adopting Mulan means providing her with the love, patience, and care she deserves. Her journey from cruelty to compassion can only be completed with the help of a dedicated guardian. Please email to apply.
  • Sign Our Alerts: Join our campaigns to end the dog meat trade. Act now to urge China to ban dog and cat meat.
  • Become a Flight Volunteer: If you travel between Asia and the U.S., you can help transport rescued dogs to their new homes. Find out how.
  • Donate: Your donation enables our work to support rescuers in the field in China, South Korea, and the Philippines, and our campaigns to end the dog and cat meat trade and address the underlying problems that allow cruelty to thrive. As we approach the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, we need your help more than ever. Give a gift.

Your support can change Mulan’s life. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and feel moved to help Mulan find her forever home, please reach out. Together, we can give Mulan the love and safety she deserves.

Your compassion and support make all the difference. Thank you for standing with us to defend dogs like Mulan.