California: Support the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act

California: Support the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act

Help save wild animals from a life of captivity in California! The recently introduced Circus Cruelty Prevention Act aims to curtail the use of wild animals in circuses. Please take action to help ensure it passes.

California State Senator Ben Hueso introduced Senate Bill 313 which would prohibit the use of wild or exotic animals in circuses, and would impose a civil penalty for violations. If passed, elephants, tigers, lions, and “any animal other than a domestic dog, domestic cat, or horse” will be spared from enduring countless hours in cramped cages, cruel training methods, and being forced to perform against their will in circuses.

No enclosure, regardless of the size or a fresh coat of paint, can come close to approximating life in the wild. The basic instincts of all wild animals to roam free in their natural habitats makes their abuse and imprisonment all the more unethical and unacceptable.

What You Can Do:

Call your one California state senator for your district. You can find your state senator by clicking on the link below and choosing the California tab. 

Introduce yourself by your name and location.

You may use this simple script:  

“I am calling to support SB 313 to prohibit the use of all wild animals, including elephants, in circuses. Keeping animals captive and exploiting them for profit  is extremely harmful and unnecessary.”

Send our letter by filling out the form on this page. California residents only.


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