Free Elephants Vaigai and Mari from the Dysfunctional & Disaccredited Honolulu Zoo

Free Elephants Vaigai and Mari from the Dysfunctional & Disaccredited Honolulu Zoo

Hawaii is no paradise for Vaigai and Mari, two female Indian elephants who have for decades been victimized by the Honolulu Zoo. The Zoo has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to provide Vaigai and Mari with appropriate care, and has failed to live up to even the low bar of captive facility standards adhered to by most zoos. Vaigai and Mari need your help!

The Zoo’s dysfunction is evident to anyone paying attention. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) withdrew Honolulu Zoo’s accreditation in 2016. Five Honolulu Zoo directors have quit in the past six years.This year the zoo made its fourth appearance on In Defense of Animals’ annual list of the 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants. 

Violations at Honolulu Zoo include too little shade provided to protect the elephants from direct sunlight, inadequately tested, brackish water, and a notable absence of habitat enrichment. In addition, the AZA cited the Zoo’s long history of lacking funds and support from the City and County of Honolulu, the Zoo’s legally bound administrators, as a primary reason for the loss of accreditation.

Hawaii voters recently approved an amendment to prop up the failing zoo through tax revenues. Regardless, the Zoo continues to put elephants and keepers at risk by arming keepers with bullhooks – which are weapons, plain and simple. These inhumane devices are used to control the elephants through pain and fear.

What YOU Can Do

Urge the USDA and the Honolulu Zoo Executive Director to remove Vaigai and Mari from the Honolulu Zoo and retire them to a certified sanctuary.

1)  Make a polite phone call to the Honolulu Zoo Executive Director asking him to retire Vaigai and Mari to an accredited sanctuary.

David Earles:  808-926-3191 ext.116

2) Personalize and submit our letter here to email your comments to the Honolulu Zoo and the USDA.




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