Nosey and Captive Elephants Everywhere Need You!

Nosey and Captive Elephants Everywhere Need You!

Last November when a trailer in a despicable traveling circus’ vehicle broke down (ranked among the cruelest in the country with over 200 USDA violations) –– circus owners Hugo and Franicska Liebel left Nosey the elephant by the side of the road.

Alone, and in chains. No water, no food, no shelter. Standing in her own urine and feces. What passing motorists on Highway 157 didn’t know that day,was that they were witnessing the sad reality of Nosey’s life for the last three decades.

A life that began when she was brutally yanked from her home in the wild.

Exploited and abused for profit.

Beaten with bullhooks.

Placed in solitary confinement.

Prodded with high-voltage prods.

Now the Liebels are appealing the court verdict that finally brought poor Nosey to paradise and safety at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Media outlets reported Hugo Liebel said he may take the exhausted, middle-aged elephant back on the road if he wins the appeal - so he can “earn a living.”

The Liebels want to put Nosey back in the circus!

In the mugshots taken after their arrest, the Liebels show not a hint of remorse. It is disgraceful.

Without your support of IDA’s advocacy and defense efforts, without our tireless ongoing research and investigations, without documentation of cruelty and abuse; criminals like the Liebels will win, and elephants like Nosey will lose. We can’t ever let that happen! In Swaziland just three years ago, 18 elephants were kidnapped from the wild to “restock” three U.S. zoos and to live in zoos in China. This is no joke! Elephants are still being taken from the wild and tragic situations like Nosey’s will continue to unfold if we do not publicize, persist, and prevail.

Please give as generously as you’re able to, this minute if possible.

Every day spent enduring the misery of captivity in a circus and zoo is a day of an elephant’s life wasted.

Nosey the elephant has been imprisoned by the Liebel family circus for decades. Some organizations and activists have led the way for Nosey locally - others have supported Nosey legally and nationally.  But it is only through years of vigilance and persistence by many individuals and organizations, In Defense of Animals being one of many, that Nosey has finally reached the sanctuary she deserves. The battle is not over for Nosey and In Defense of Animals stands ready to continue and, if necessary, expand our work on her behalf. With your help, we will be better prepared stand up stand up for Nosey's freedom should she need further support -  and continue to work towards the ultimate emancipation of imprisoned elephants everywhere.

*We apologize for a mistake we made in a previously sent email regarding our statement that there are only "90 days" to help Nosey. Nosey's fate is still uncertain but the 90-day timeline is no longer current or accurate. This text was from an earlier, and now outdated draft and we apologize for any lack of accuracy and ensuing confusion.

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