Rally for the Elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo

Rally for the Elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo

Earlier this month, In Defense of Animals joined an important demonstration at the Los Angeles Zoo. The goal of the event, created by Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles, is to emancipate Billy the elephant and have him released to an accredited sanctuary. In addition to Billy’s release, organizers and participants also advocated for an end to the Zoo’s elephant breeding program.

Billy’s attorney, David Casselman, and our very own Elephant Scientist, Dr. Toni Frohoff, were joined by Kiersten Cluster from Elephant Guardians and Carrie LeBlanc from Compassion Works International. Many other supporters gathered as well, united in their intention to inform zoo attendees and the media about the truth behind the walls and fences of the Zoo.  

Billy was born in Malaysia in 1985 and has been confined at the Zoo since 1989, where he lives separated from other elephants. Billy’s exhibit is miserably inadequate in size and quality and we are worried about his physical and emotional health. We want to see Billy, the only elephant at the LA Zoo “owned” and not rented from other zoos, sent to a certified sanctuary. The Los Angeles City Council has the power and jurisdiction to make this happen. City Councilors can act to save Billy from his life of loneliness and suffering, because it’s not too late for him to get his happy ending.

As part of the International Coalition to Free Billy, In Defense of Animals urges the LA City Council to pass Motion #17-0453. The motion directs the Los Angeles Zoo to immediately cancel any current or future elephant breeding activities or programs involving any current or future elephants. It also directs that the City immediately begin the process of safely relocating Billy to a suitable sanctuary environment.

Please stay tuned. We will keep you apprised of all you can do to help Billy and all the many other elephants we are striving to protect! To help us continue to work for Billy and elephants in need around the world, please donate.


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