Sign Now to Fight Wildlife Trafficking, Poaching, and Terrorism

Sign Now to Fight Wildlife Trafficking, Poaching, and Terrorism

Illegal trafficking and poaching have devastated the world’s largest remaining elephant population. Legislators have now written a bill to protect these animals and their wild homes, but it won’t pass without your urgent help!  Please act now to save these threatened animals and their habitats by supporting the DELTA Act!

The DELTA Act stands for ‘Defending Economic Livelihoods and Threatened Animals’ (H.R. 4819). It is a bipartisan bill that would enhance the ability of the U.S. to protect one of the largest and most significant populations of elephants in the world - the elephants who live in the vital Okavango River Basin, a unique ecosystem which ranges through Angola, Botswana, and Namibia. This bill authorizes the Secretary of State and the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide technical assistance to governments and local communities for water and natural resource management. 

If the bill passes, the U.S. would have the ability to support local law enforcement, park rangers, and community leaders to initiate and strengthen programs that combat the illegal poaching of threatened species and wildlife trafficking.

Wildlife trafficking is among the most lucrative criminal activities worldwide, and known to provide funding to deadly terrorist organizations. This bill allocates funding to prevent criminal and terror financing in these impoverished countries and stimulate economic growth.

The DELTA Act was introduced by Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Tom Udall (D-NM), co-chairs of the Senate International Conservation Caucus, and passed the House of Representatives on July 17. This bill must pass the Senate to become law, and we need your support to make sure this happens!

What YOU Can Do

Incredibly sensitive populations of elephants and other wild animals, along with the precious Okavango River Basin ecosystem, need your help now. Please contact your two federal senators whose offices are in Washington, DC.  You do not need to be a registered voter to take action.

1) Call your senators.

Enter your zip code at the link below, then click on the “Federal” tab to identify the two senators representing your state.

Use the number to call your senators, and politely say something like the following to the person taking down your message:

"As a constituent of this office, I urge support for the DELTA Act, H.R. 4819. This Act is vital to stop the extinction of African elephants and other vulnerable species in the critical sub-Saharan Africa ecosystem which encompasses Angola, Botswana, and Namibia. The DELTA Act will enhance much-needed wildlife trafficking and anti-poaching programs to protect threatened species and will prevent a critical source of criminal and terror financing as well.

2) Follow up your call with an email to your senators by filling in the required fields. Valid U.S. street addresses only






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