Tell Groupon to Stop Exploiting Elephants at Wildlife Safari!

Tell Groupon to Stop Exploiting Elephants at Wildlife Safari!

Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon is shamed in 7th place on our Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants List. This animal abusement facility has been on our list five out of the past six years for its blatant exploitation of elephants for money. Now Groupon is propping up this harmful attraction, putting elephants and members of the public at risk. Say no to Groupon elephant exploitation!

Groupon is profiting off the backs of abused elephants. It is supporting Wildlife Safari by offering “Pet and Meet Encounter” discount coupons so tourists can pay to pet the trunks of sad, abused elephants.

Elephant and public safety is being gambled on by Wildlife Safari. Allowing direct contact between elephants and humans defies modern public safety standards and increases the risk of physical danger as well as the spread of diseases like tuberculosis that can spread between elephants and humans. TB is a deadly infection for elephants and cases in captive U.S. elephants are increasing every year. Zoo employees in Portland, Oregon recently became infected with TB reportedly by elephants through contact on the job.

In 2016, TripAdvisor committed to stop selling tickets to tourist attractions that exploit wild and captive animals through direct contact, petting of wild animals, elephant riding, and swimming with captive dolphins. It’s time for Groupon to follow their lead and stop supporting businesses like Wildlife Safari that exploit elephants and profit off of their servitude.

What YOU Can Do

Take action for the elephants exploited by Oregon's Wildlife Safari NOW by submitting our letter by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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