WATCH: 5 Reasons Why Fishing Harms Everyone

WATCH: 5 Reasons Why Fishing Harms Everyone

Make no mistake about it: Fishing Harms Everyone. From abandoned ghost gear that haunts oceans and kills marine animals for centuries, to teaching children to harm vulnerable animals for “fun,”  commercial and recreational fishing negatively impacts us all. Watch this year’s exclusive Respect for Fish Day video to learn about the devastating impact fishing has on animals, including humans, and the environment. 


Want to do your part to stop the destruction? Visit to join this year’s Respect for Fish Day efforts on August 1! Please download and share our Respect For Fish Day social media images and ghost gear fact sheet, join or host a beach or lake clean-up, and sign our alert to end a disturbing Kids’ Fishing Derby in Avalon, California! Take your efforts a step further by leaving fish (and all animals) off of your plate and enjoying harm-free activities in nature such as hiking, swimming, sightseeing, camping, and more.

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Is “seafood” really worth this kind of misery?

Thank you for taking action for this year’s Respect for Fish Day! We truly appreciate your efforts to create a more compassionate world!