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Fishing Harms Everyone

What’s The Problem?

The plights of fish which often go unseen or misunderstood, and the consequential harms to other animals that come as a result of fish abuse are significant. In the past, Respect For Fish Day has centered around the “pet” trade, fishing, and ghost gear. Now, we are tackling fish farming, an industry that takes billions of animal lives per year.

Fish are the most commonly farmed animals on the planet. Farmed fish are confined in overcrowded ponds, or in underwater cages in natural bodies of water. Farmed fish are genetically selected to grow much faster than their wild counterparts, which weakens their immune systems and makes them susceptible to health problems including deafness and bent spines. Since fish are usually not protected under humane slaughter legislation, they are killed in barbaric ways, which include being suffocated, frozen to death or butchered while fully conscious.

Who Does It Harm?

Fish farming harms everyone. Nets strangle sea turtles and get caught around the necks of seals, algal blooms create dead zones and suffocate fish, and antibiotics and chemicals pollute the ocean, on top of endless individual suffering. Eating fish also starves animals who rely on them to live, such as orca and seabirds. These are just a few of the many ways that fish farming hurts not only fish, but other marine animals and the environment as well. Humans need a clean ocean too, and in 2023 we made the connection between humans and farmed fish with the help of mermaids and mermen.

What Can I Do?

Choose not to support commercial fish farming operations by not eating or purchasing fish. We can all do our part by not supporting commercial fish farming operations. Don’t eat or purchase fish, and help to promote vegan fish alternatives too! 

Keep fish respect going all year long by sharing on social media how you respect fish, tagging In Defense of Animals and #Respect4FishDay, and getting involved using the buttons below.

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