Ban the Cruel Confinement of Farmed Animals in New York!

Ban the Cruel Confinement of Farmed Animals in New York!

Right now, millions of animals are suffering across the state of New York inside factory farms. Iron bars hold a pregnant mother pig on a slatted concrete floor where she can only move a couple of inches forward or back — she can only sadly sway her head or move her desperate eyes to see the grim prison she is trapped in. A battery hen is confined to a cage so small that she cannot lift a single wing. Baby cows are taken from their moms and chained to posts or locked inside tiny cages to stop their muscles from developing... all in the name of veal. But there is hope! A new bill could put an end to all this cruelty!

Assembly Bill A1341 has been introduced to end the extreme confinement of mother pigs, egg laying hens and calves raised for veal in New York. But we only have a limited time to make it happen!

What YOU Can Do

1. Vote with your dollars. Voting with your dollars is one of the most powerful ways to oppose industries that treat animals like this. Often, the only difference between free range and factory farmed animal comes down to a marketing spin. With so many delicious meat, egg, and dairy alternatives available at your local grocery store, it’s never been easier than ever to eat cruelty-free versions of all the meals you enjoy. Learn how to begin, in our free and easy Veg Guide.

2. Make a short call. Calling takes about 90 seconds and makes a huge impact compared with sending an automated letter, so please call your state representative today and urge support of this very important bill! Find the telephone number of your state senator by clicking on the link below. Simply enter your zip code and select the New York tab.

Here’s an example of what you can say:

“As your constituent, I urge you to support Assembly Bill A1341 which has the power to end the cruel confinement of egg laying hens, calves raised for veal, and pregnant pigs on factory farms. Confining farmed animals in small and crowded cages is incredibly cruel, heightens serious public health risks including zoonotic diseases and antibiotic resistance. Millions of animals are locked up right now as we speak. Please let New York be a state that stands with integrity against the cruel confinement of farmed animals and critical public health threats by doing everything in your power to pass this bill.”

3. Send our letter. After your calls, please send our letter by filling out the fields on this page


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