California Residents: We Need Your Help to Fight Evil Factory Farms!

California Residents: We Need Your Help to Fight Evil Factory Farms!

Please don’t close this… It’s been really hard trying to find people who are willing to help us fight this:

But we know that we can count on you.

This is your chance to take on factory farms.

With our friends at Prevent Cruelty California, we are campaigning to put a measure on the 2018 ballot to end extreme farmed animal confinement in California.

We have just six weeks left to collect half-a-million (physical paper) signatures to put this crucial issue up for a vote. We’ve managed to collect 160,000 signatures so far, but our only hope of reaching half a million is if we can get more passionate volunteers on board.

Our drive to the deadline will be tough, but the abuse calves, mother pigs, and laying hens face each and every day is simply unconscionable, and we cannot let them down.

Will you help us fight for them?

We'll give you all the tools you need, and support you through the steps — no prior experience is necessary.

Click here to register as a volunteer and find a local signature gathering event near you!



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