Call on EPA to Deny Factory Farm Permits in Idaho

Call on EPA to Deny Factory Farm Permits in Idaho

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to reissue permits for multiple Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Idaho. CAFOs are large factory farms that imprison miserable animals in horrific conditions while polluting the air and surrounding land and waterways with overwhelming amounts of animal waste. Join us in urging the EPA to reject these animal and environmental catastrophes by not reissuing permits for Idaho's CAFOs.

Pigs, cows, and other animals in CAFOs endure unimaginable suffering. They are crowded into cramped cages where they have little room to move or are completely immobilized. Their living quarters are rarely cleaned. They are forced to lie in their waste, which is often caught in fetid tanks underneath their cages. Animals sometimes fall into these tanks and suffer agonizing deaths as they drown in a rank mixture of urine and feces.

The waste created by CAFOs also devastates the environment and jeopardizes human health. The manure produced by these horrific operations is dumped into lagoons or fields. This waste is washed away during downpours or seeps into underground aquifers. Disease-causing bacteria and viruses, as well as nitrogen, arsenic, antibiotics, and pesticides, are just a few of the substances that end up in rural, low-income communities' water supplies. According to the National Association of Local Boards of Health, CAFOs create a stench which forces neighbors to stay indoors and they also emit toxic fumes which cause neurological and respiratory disorders.

What You Can Do

Join us in taking effective action against CAFOs by not supporting them financially through shifting to a plant-based diet, and by submitting a comment to the EPA.

1) We can all help fight the cruelty and environmental destruction caused by CAFOs by halting our consumption of animal products and shifting to a plant-based diet. CAFOs only exist because consumers are willing to purchase their cruel, environmentally devastating, and unhealthy products. Learn how and where to begin by downloading our free Vegan Starter Guide.

2) The EPA is currently accepting comments on its proposed CAFO permit reissuances. Please submit a comment to the EPA's Region 10 Office by filling out the form on this page. Comments must be submitted by December 9.

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