Hong Kong Restaurant's Innovative Approach to Saving Animals

Hong Kong Restaurant's Innovative Approach to Saving Animals

If you find yourself venturing throughout Hong Kong, you may stumble upon one of several exclusive locations where Green Common has flourished. The local restaurant chain boasts an avant-garde combination of cruelty-free dining and grocery shopping, and is leading efforts to help the Asian plant-based market catch up to its Western counterpart.

Green Common offers a well-rounded mix of vegan cuisines; one can stop in and fulfill that niggling burger craving, warm one’s belly with a delicious bowl of guilt-free ramen, or leave feeling refreshed and filled with vigor after a nutrient-packed meal. While there, taking the opportunity to stock up with its extensive range of healthy or naughty snacks is a must. Experience the endless list of coffee and tea varieties, and you’ll quickly learn why Green Common is becoming a local haven.

Amidst recent outbreaks of African Swine Fever, Green Common locations are proud to dish up Omnipork, the world’s first pork alternative. One hundred million pigs have been callously and systematically “disposed of” since the outbreak swept across Asia, and it doesn't stop there. Cases have been reported in over 40 countries, threatening the industry responsible for killing four million pigs per day. Omnipork couldn’t have hit shelves at a more dire time.

Another highlight, from Silicon Valley company Just, is the new egg industry combatant. Its product, Just Egg, is impressively dished up, and you would be scrambling to tell the difference. With demand for eggs at a devastating all-time high, China produces a staggering 54.6 billion pounds of eggs annually, which is more than the other top nine countries combined. The U.S sits in second place with 12.3 billion pounds per year.

Green Common also serves the household name Beyond Meat, which needs no introduction. Perhaps, less known is the California-based company Alpha Foods, which delivers a knockout called the Alpha Nugget. With global chicken deaths in excess of 50 billion annually, chicken alternatives are a necessity. Make no mistake though, Alpha Nugget isn't an alternative to the chicken nugget, it's in a class of its own. Excitingly, it's just one of many outstanding plant-based products the company has released.

In the U.S, the plant-based meat market is now worth $4.5 billion, and industry analysts predict it could match the meat industry 50/50 by 2050. Once revered as a niche market, it now shows no signs of slowing down. Inspiring restaurant chains like Green Common restaurants are drastically helping to reduce the suffering of innocent animals while helping humans and other animals reach a common ground.

By choosing to eat more plant-based meals, you can be a part of this positive shift and spare thousands of animals from senseless cruelty. Learn how to begin by downloading our free and easy starter guide:

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