MEDIA RELEASE: 60 Dairy Truth Bombs Dropped on LA by Youtuber

MEDIA RELEASE: 60 Dairy Truth Bombs Dropped on LA by Youtuber


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LOS ANGELES (June 19, 2018) - 60 huge billboards featuring viral Youtuber Erin Janus are making a splash across Los Angeles inviting LA-residents to watch an eye-opening viral video exposing the dairy industry and take a 21-day dairy-free challenge. The “Dairy is Scary” campaign has been launched by California-based nonprofit In Defense of Animals to run during June Dairy Month and features billboards in English and Spanish.

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In a video that has gone viral across the internet with over 4.7 million views, YouTuber Erin Janus exposes common dairy industry practices of forcibly impregnating cows, stealing their babies, and turning them into veal and hamburgers long before their 25-year natural lifespan. In five minutes, Janus also reveals the scary financial influence of big dairy on the U.S. education system and the health risks of dairy consumption.

Youtuber Erin Janus finishes by calling on people to "Try any milk but dairy milk." Her video directs viewers to enjoy the health benefits of dairy-free by taking the 21-day dairy-free challenge at

“Dairy really is scary, and it’s time to stop lining the pockets of the dairy industry at the expense of our health, the environment, and animal welfare,” said Marilyn Kroplick M.D., President of In Defense of Animals. “I urge everyone in LA to watch the Youtube video Dairy is Scary and take our 21-day Dairy Free Challenge.”

Try In Defense of Animals free 21-Day Dairy-Free challenge at


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