Easter Chicks Saved from Death Row!

Easter Chicks Saved from Death Row!

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San Rafael, Calif. (April 11, 2017) – In Defense of Animals supporters have rescued two baby chicks from a factory farm in Perth, Western Australia, just days before they were destined to be slaughtered at Easter.

“These gentle little chicks were destined for a violent end, but now they have a second chance at life,” said Marilyn Kroplick M.D., President of In Defense of Animals. “Luna and Minerva are safe, but an Easter nightmare is happening for millions of baby birds. All chickens raised for meat suffer a short life and a brutal death. You have the power to end Easter chick suffering by leaving them off your plate.”

Footage released by In Defense of Animals reveals the dire conditions the chicks were found in. Many young chickens are seen suffering with inflamed skin from ammonia-burns, some are unable to walk or stand, while others appear to be gasping for breath while drowning in their own fluids from heart failure. Carcasses of individuals who succumbed to the horrific conditions are apparently left to rot, with some being cannibalized by chickens who will later enter the human food chain.

Shockingly, animal abuse like this is legal in Australia and the U.S. The federal Animal Welfare Act completely excludes chickens and all other farmed animals from protection.

Two chicks were rescued from the cruel conditions and have been named Luna and Minerva. They are just three weeks old, yet they have the bodies of adults. Selective breeding and genetic modification has led “broiler” birds raised for their meat to reach their adult weight unnaturally fast, at just six to eight weeks of life. Farmed birds often develop skeletal issues, since they are forced to grow faster than their bodies can cope. Scientific research suggests that they suffer pain and disability during their short lives. Luna and Minvera have been taken to a secure location where they will receive the best veterinary care and a strictly planned diet to slow their rapid growth.

Luna and Minerva were just two of approximately of 60,000 birds in one shed, revealing the massive scale of modern chicken farming operations. Each year in the U.S. more than 9 billion chickens are farmed for meat, and 300 million for their eggs, which makes chickens the most-slaughtered land mammals on Earth.

In the spirit of Easter, In Defense of Animals is calling on the public to explore the many plant-based sources of protein-rich foods to save billions of animals from terrible suffering.

“We can each take factory farming into our own hands right now by simply pledging to switch to a healthy and delicious plant-based diet,” said Dr. Kroplick. “This Easter, try switching chicken for chickpeas, or sample the many great chicken-alternatives on offer.”


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