Precious Cows & Calves Saved from Slaughter, Thanks to You!

Precious Cows & Calves Saved from Slaughter, Thanks to You!

With a tiny glimmer of hope in soft, soulful eyes… the rescues began. Your willingness to help displaced animals from the closure of Big Island Dairy in Hawaii has made the lifetime of difference to the 15 babies and 10 mother cows whom you saved from cruel slaughter.



Thanks to you, two of the rescued calves pictured here, Alberta and Jasmine, are now living a peaceful life in a safe and loving forever home. They’re healthily gaining weight, they’ve been dewormed, vaccinated and are being dearly cared for. Their adopters are dedicated and committed people whom have since fallen in love with these beautiful beings.

Alberta and Jasmine are just two of the 15 babies and 10 mother cows rescued by your generous donations. Although these victories may seem small to the average person, you know that they are not. That's why you gave. You gave these cows and calves a second chance at life that they so rightfully deserved.

Animals are vulnerable and cannot defend themselves. They need us to be their voices and to do everything we can to help them, even when it isn’t popular.

Thank you for your commitment to helping animals in need.

A total of 309 cows have been saved by our on-the-ground rescue partners, Hawaii Lava Flow Animal Rescue Network, and your contribution to our most recent fundraiser has saved 25 more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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