Save a Heartbroken Mom This Mother’s Day

Save a Heartbroken Mom This Mother’s Day

We’re never told that cows can only lactate when they have a baby to feed.

We’re never told that after enduring nine long months of pregnancy and hours of labor, that a dairy cow’s newborn is heartlessly dragged away to be slaughtered or used.

We’re never told that countless moms on dairy farms will have less than one hour to say goodbye, and that she will bellow out for days in grief, often refusing to eat.

But shouldn’t we have a right to know?

Surely, we can agree that these moms and their baby calves – the forgotten "waste products" of the dairy industry – deserve better. Don't you?

Thousands of you joined us earlier this year in asking Dairy Farmers of America to increase the minimum amount of time that baby calves are allowed to stay with their mothers before they are separated.

Disappointingly, Dairy Farmers of America did not wish to comment on this issue directly, choosing instead to deflect the question and boast of its Gold Standard Dairy Program, an animal care program reserved for industry eyes only. Nowhere are the actual standards published on its website for the public to read, however, In Defense of Animals managed to track down a leaked copy, which can be read here.

Since it is clear that the dairy industry has such little interest in making minor welfare improvements like these, In Defense of Animals is calling on the public to escalate this issue personally by pledging to take the dairy-free challenge this Mother’s Day.

Please also join us in requesting Dairy Farmers of America to review its “Gold Standard Dairy” animal care program.


What YOU Can Do:

1) Pledge to take the dairy-free challenge at
2) Share the dairy-free challenge with your friends and family, and let them know why you’re doing it. Include the hashtags: #DairyFreeChallenge #MothersDay
For example: I'm taking the #DairyFreeChallenge this #MothersDay to save a mom from heartbreak </3
3) Make a special mom in your life a kindhearted Mother’s Day breakfast.
Click here for mouthwatering recipes. May we recommend the dairy-free French toast or chocolate hazelnut scones? Yum!
4) Send our automated letter to Dairy Farmers of America requesting a revision of its ‘Gold Standard Dairy Program' by filling out the form on this page.

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