School Districts Ditch Chicken Nuggets, Burgers and Dairy!

School Districts Ditch Chicken Nuggets, Burgers and Dairy!

What happens when a school district cuts down on meat and dairy in the school cafeteria? It saves animals, money, the environment, and improves student health!

Here are three forward-thinking school districts (of many) that are breaking away from unhealthy chicken nuggets, beef burgers and dairy – and challenging the entire school food system:

Santa Barbara Unified School District, which recently introduced Hungry Planet’s plant-based meats to their menus. This will reduce its carbon and water footprint by approximately 85% per serving!

Atlanta Unified School District, which makes an effort to offer students at least one meat-free option daily, such as black bean and corn quesadillas, baked buffalo cauliflower, and black bean burgers.

Oakland Unified School District, which made a substantial 30 percent reduction in meat, poultry, and cheese purchases over two years annually. This shrank its carbon footprint by 14 percent, saved 42 million gallons of water, and saved $42,000. Incredible!

In Defense of Animals is so excited to see these paradigm-breaking changes within the school food system! Feeling inspired? If you’re a parent or student who would like to bring plant based nutrition education to your school, join us in telling your favorite teacher about Lean and Green Kids ‘Daily Scoop Program’ – an easy, fun and free program that elevates plant-powered nutrition to a daily practice, without adding more than 30 seconds to a teacher's busy routine.

Learn more about The Daily Scoop program here:

If you’re not a parent or student, you can still help by sharing The Daily Scoop Program with your local school district! Email if you’d like to get involved!

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