Take the Pledge to Save Turkeys This Thanksgiving

Take the Pledge to Save Turkeys This Thanksgiving

Every year, intelligent and sentient animals wind up on the dinner table in the name of holiday tradition. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and mindful of the abundance in our lives - which makes the routine slaughter of these birds all the more grotesque.

Please, join us in our pledge to have a cruelty-free Thanksgiving dinner this year!

We’ve all been sold the idea that the flesh of a turkey is an integral part of a wholesome Thanksgiving meal. In reality, this is nothing but clever marketing. Pumped full of drugs, hormones, and genetically manipulated, turkeys raised for their meat have doubled in weight since 1970. They are often so heavy that their legs break beneath them. These birds, who in the wild establish a complex social order, are shoved in the thousands into cramped sheds devoid of adequate light or space.

Turkeys have a natural lifespan of up to 10 years. But hundreds of millions of them are slaughtered at just 4-6 months old for their meat.

There is nothing wholesome about this practice.

It’s time to erase this tradition to belong only in the history books. Every year, more and more cruelty-free Thanksgiving choices appear on supermarket shelves. We all have a choice this Thanksgiving, so please, make the compassionate, ethically correct choice and say NO to turkey on November 28th.

Please, consider making a donation or fundraising for In Defense of Animals so that we can continue our important work.

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