Tucson, Arizona: Protest Animal Abuse at the Tucson Rodeo!

Tucson, Arizona: Protest Animal Abuse at the Tucson Rodeo!

The Tucson Rodeo is an inherently cruel event where animals are traumatized for shallow entertainment, including electrically shocking bulls and horses to make them appear wild when they leave the chute. In recent years, undercover video footage has documented this abuse every time investigators have infiltrated the arena with cameras. The sneaky tactics, body language, and overall behavior displayed by the individuals using the Hot-Shot devices (hand-held electric shockers) all serve to reinforce the fact that they are fully aware that this is an unacceptable practice that should be hidden from public view. 

Many PRCA-sanctioned rodeos have abandoned the use of electric shock devices at their events. It’s long past time for the Tucson Rodeo to follow suit. Indeed, some rodeo fans themselves are enraged to learn that the bulls and horses are being subjected to 5,000-6,000-volt zaps from Hot-Shot devices during the event. This abusive practice has nothing to do with tradition, as rodeos existed long before shock prods were invented. Common decency toward animals is already absent in rodeos, but another level of trauma is induced by the use of shocking devices in the chutes.



Why don’t all injured animals receive veterinary treatment? Why is this sort of animal abuse allowed in the first place? The answer to these questions is because rodeos are events based on the dominance and exploitation of animals, and when any of the unwilling participants are injured it is only a momentary interruption in the arena that is soon forgotten by an audience whose primary concern is self-gratification, not the welfare of the animals involved.

What: IDA will join SPEAK Tucson to host collective protest actions against the Tucson Rodeo on Opening Day and Finals Day. Signs, leaflets, and banners will be provided. 

When: Saturday, February 19 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm and Sunday, February 27 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm.

Where: The protests will take place at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds in front of the rodeo arena. Address: 4823 S. 6th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85714 

Directions: Ample parking is available in the residential area on the west side of 6th Avenue, just north of Irvington Road. Use one of the side streets across from the arena to access that area. Do not attempt to park on rodeo grounds. 

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In Defense of Animals fully expects and strongly urges all people involved in this campaign to act responsibly and lawfully and to respect the personal interests and privacy rights and concerns of any individuals who may be affected by, or become the subject of, your protests or related efforts.

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