Urge Olive Garden to Save One Million Animals per Year!

Urge Olive Garden to Save One Million Animals per Year!

If you could save one million animals with no more than the click of a button, would you do it?

With 892 restaurants, Olive Garden is one of the largest casual-dining restaurant chains in America. If just 12 people ordered plant-based meals at Olive Garden restaurants per day, it would prevent over one million animals per year from being bred against their will into horrendous lives of intensive farming, that end in terrifying slaughterhouses.

We should never underestimate the power of compassionate menu choices to make significant change for animals. Convenience is often stated as one of the biggest barriers people have to plant-based eating, so let’s work to lift that barrier for animals!

Please join us in encouraging Olive Garden to add some dedicated vegan options to its menu.

What You Can Do

Contact Olive Garden through social media and email.

1) Write a comment on Olive Garden’s Facebook page, or start a conversation on Twitter!

Example: Hey @OliveGarden, when will you add dedicated #vegan menu choices for our rapidly-growing vegan family? #myolivegardenfam

2) Send a letter to Olive Garden’s CEO, Vice President of Marketing, Director of Brand Communications, Director of Menu Development, Vice President of Research and Development, and Executive Chef by filling out the form on this page.

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