Urgent: Save Cows from Hawaii Dairy Farm

Urgent: Save Cows from Hawaii Dairy Farm

Nearly six months ago, Big Island Dairy in Hawaii was forced to shut down its operation for a violation of the federal Clean Water Act. The Ōʻōkala community had reported that the company was releasing animal waste into nearby waterways that eventually ran off into the ocean.

As a result of this closure, there are now 800 mother cows and their calves who need our help. We don’t have capes, but we have our supporters and our wonderful staff who are working with other groups in Hawaii to rescue and rehome these lovely individuals.

So far, In Defense of Animals has contributed $2,500 to our rescue partners, The Hawaii Lava Flow Animal Rescue Network, which is on the ground in Hawaii RIGHT NOW facilitating rescues.

Every dollar donated will help us rescue and rehome more animals.

We are so excited to share precious moments with you when these precious moms and their crying babies finally reunite… when they arrive at their loving forever homes… when they realize their fate has changed and they are finally free!

Please, will you donate today?

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