VIDEO: Coronavirus Ground Zero... a Meat Market?

VIDEO: Coronavirus Ground Zero... a Meat Market?

The initial human victims of the coronavirus were all connected to a “wet” meat market in Wuhan, China, where thousands of terrified animals are butchered in bloody and filthy conditions.

Over 60% of human pathogens originate from other animals, including bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, and SARS, claiming millions of human and other animals’ lives.



These diseases are masters at jumping from one species to another and adapting to their new hosts. As a result, we get brand-new diseases like the novel coronavirus, which did not exist just months ago.

Animal farms and markets in all countries that trap sick, crowded, and highly stressed animals provide ideal breeding grounds for these new deadly viruses.

A growing number of people are helping to stop the spread of these pandemics, and egregious animal cruelty by choosing to adopt a plant-based diet. Join the movement. Download your free veg starter guide today: www.idausa.VegGuide

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