Virgin Airlines: Cut Emissions by Switching to Default Veg Menus!

Virgin Airlines: Cut Emissions by Switching to Default Veg Menus!

Virgin Atlantic recently announced that it will be removing beef from its in-flight menus in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint. This is a significant public admission that meat is unsustainable, and a great step forward for both animals and the environment. Let’s encourage Virgin Airlines to keep moving in this direction!

But first, let’s acknowledge the not-so-good news: soy was also listed as a food to be removed from its in-flight menus. Perhaps Virgin Airlines isn’t aware that the vast majority of global soy crops are fed to farmed animals as a cheap source of food to produce meat, dairy, and eggs. In fact, the huge amount of soy used to feed animals is the root of the soy-environmental issue, not the small amount (less than six percent) consumed directly by people. The soy misconception aside, plenty of plant-based meals can be made without it, and while Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Airlines is on board with the belief that animal agriculture will soon be a thing of the past, we must continue to encourage this company’s significant shift away from animal products.

Now that Virgin Atlantic, one of Virgin’s key international arms, has publicly acknowledged that beef is bad for the environment, the time has never been better to call on the company to commit further! Please join us in asking Virgin Airlines to take the next step in reducing its carbon footprints: make plant-based meals the default option on all flights!


What YOU Can Do

1. Make the switch: as an individual, you can do something right now to help suffering animals and the environment by switching to a plant-based diet. Learn how in this free and easy guide:

2. Call: If you live in the U.S., please call Virgin America, which is currently merging with Alaska Airlines, on 877 359 8474 (customer service representatives are available 24/7). After the prompt, press "0" and respond to the auto-prompt by stating "something else" to be connected through to a customer service representative.

Once connected, you can say something like, "Hi, I'm calling to express my support for both Alaska and Virgin Airlines to make plant-based meals the default selection on all flights. This simple switch will cut costs, dramatically reduce greenhouse gas and carbons emissions, easily address an array of dietary requirements, and reduce waste. Will you please pass my message on to management?"

3. Send: After your call, please personalize and submit our follow up letter by filling out the fields on this page.

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